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Ashwin Brothers is an audit established 50 years ago in Kenya. Audit firms struggle with paper work and delayed client audit reports due to slow audit process and lack of track of audit work progress.

Date : 2012 – 2015

Software System Process Automation

We custom made a seven module desktop application that automated seven departments from book keeping through audit to the printer in the audit process.

With this system, books of accounts from clients are received at the reception, the name of company and its details captured and entered into the system. The books are labeled to which shelve of the store they will be kept, label captured into the system and books taken to the store. The reception desk then forwards the company and book details to the book keeping department on the system. The book keeping department proceeds to the store retrieves the book by the shelve number on the system and extracts the details of the books of accounts into the system. Once the head of department ascertains the complete book of accounts details have been extracted into the system, the work is then forwarded to the next department through a click of a button. Notifications are send to the head of department through email and pop ups once the head of department logins into the system. The head of the department then assigns the work of that particular client to a member of staff in that department. Once the member of staff is through with the task, a notification is send to the department head through a click of  button. The head then inspects the work to ascertain that its complete or forwards back the work to the member of staff with recommendations on what need to be done to complete the task.

This hierarchy of operation ensures that there is accountability through the whole process.

When the task is complete from book keeping, the head of the department then forwards it to the audit department for a series of activities.

Starting at the book keeping department until the audit department activities are complete, a timesheet module is available where staff members input the amount of hours a client work has taken. Billing of clients is quantified depending on the number of man hours the work was done.

At the Audit department, the client book of accounts data extracted from the client is passed through scrutiny to ensure that the financial details are up to date. The types of taxes to be returned are established. A series of computations are done on the system to determine how much tax returns the client should file to Kenya Revenue Authority.

At each of these stages of the process, the client receives emails to notify them on the progress of the work. Once the audit process is complete, the system sends the client an email with the report generated and an sms notifying them that the work is complete. The audit departments then forwards the reports on the book of accounts that contains all the tax returns a client should return. The audit module is iTax compliant and uploads the returns to the iTax portal without exiting and logging into the iTax system. The print department then prints the reports and takes them to the same shelve on the store where the book of accounts were kept. When the client comes to pick the books and reports, the reception desk logins into the system and retrieves the books from the shelve number on the system.

The system also has an accounts module that serves all the accounts functions in the accounts department. A sub module on the accounts module is the payroll module.

Users are added into the system through an admin dashboard that allocates users access rights depending on their responsibilities at Ashwin Brothers.

Project Description

Ashwin Brothers is an audit established 50 years ago in Kenya. Audit firms struggle with paper work and delayed client audit reports due to slow audit process and lack of track of audit work progress.

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