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Corporate Social Media Training

The drastic change in Social Media trends is changing the business model.It is no longer a matter of asking “should” you use social media to market your business,but “how” you should.

Certain types of social media platforms are well suited for for particular businesses than other.For example LinkedIn and Google plus would be well suited for a Personal Coaching organization,Twitter and Facebook for a real estate company, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for a clothing or furniture business.


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The courses are customized to meet the needs of the following sectors:-

  1. Hospitality Industry like hotels, hospitals, events organizers and caterers.
  2. Sales and Marketing.
  3. Real estate agents.
  4. Customer support.
  5. Car hire and cab services.
  6. Flight Services.
  7. Furniture and Clothing businesses.
  8. NGO’s.
  9. Other types of businesses.

Our Corporate Social Media Training  course covers 5 major topics as listed below.

1. Introduction to Corporate Social Media.

2.Branding on Social Media Platforms.

3.Social Media Management.

4.Social Media Marketing Strategy.

5.Take your campaign viral in 48 Hrs.

The topics are further broken down into the following;

1. Introduction to Corporate Social Media.

a. What is Social Media?

b. Social Media guidelines and policies.

c. Benefits of Social Media to business.


2.Branding on Social Media Platforms.
i). Facebook for Business.

a. What Facebook is how it works and latest trends on Facebook?

b. The differences between profiles, pages, groups and events.

c. Creating a Facebook page for your business.

d. Customizing tabs with applications to set up your page.

e. Understanding how profiles and pages link and work together.

f. Creating powerful posts that engage your fans.

g. Implementing best practices on your page.

h.Drawing fans to your page.
ii). Twitter for Profits.

a. Introduction to Twitter.

b. Optimizing for success.

c. Growing your following base.

d. Automating your marketing.

e. 10 tips for tweeting.
iii). Google +.

a. How Google+ works.

b.Who is using Google+ and why.

c.How to use Google+ pages for Business.

d.How to use Google Hangouts.
iv). Blogging for business.

a. What are blogs?

b. Blog Planning.

c. Blog Creation.

d. Tips on Effective Blogging.

e. Content Creation.

v). Linkedln

a. LinkedIn Strategy.

b. Personal Branding.

c. LinkedIn Profile Optimization.

d. Outreach / Engagement.

e. LinkedIn Groups.

f. LinkedIn Company Pages.
3). Social Media Management.

a. Techniques of engaging social media users.

b. Social media growth and management tools such as Hoot suite, Buffer app, Tweepi and browser plugins.
4). Social Media marketing strategy.

a. Planning.

b.Steps for Creating a Social Media Strategy.

c.Resources Needed to Implement.

d.Do It Yourself Option/Use Employee.

e.Choosing a Specialist to Work With.

f. Understanding Best Practices and Pitfalls.

g.How to create and launch a viral campaign.

5.Take your campaign Viral in 48hrs.

a). Content Writing

b). 10 Pillars of Publishing the Message.

c). Paid Media.

Mode of Training.

Interactive with more practical lessons,20 % notes and trainee follow up notes and question and answer.

Duration of Course

  1. 10 Hours minimum.
  2. More Hours for clients who need more.

What does one achieve from the training?

1. The Digital Marketing Skill.

2. Experience with Social Media.

3. A Certificate of Training.

Our packages are custom made to meet the needs of the trainee.

Training can be done to an individual or in groups .A group can have a minimum of two trainees and no maximum.However groups with a large number of trainees need extra hours billed at hourly rate.
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Lead Trainer.

Joshua Mutisya K.

Joshua Mutisya K.

I hold a degree in computer engineering and currently pursuing a masters in Leadership .I am the founder of Web East Africa Technologies Limited a company that specializes in Web services and Products.

I am a Corporate Social Media expert, trainer and consultant. Social media to me is “Join, Brand, Build Connections and Sell”. It is not why I should use? But rather how can I use social media to market my business?

Selling is the main function of any business. Businesses that have embraced social media obtain 30% of their leads from social media.

For the past four years I have developed an approach that will help any business leverage on social media and generate more sells.